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Connie N., Longmont, Colorado states...
Your new book "The Ingalls Wilder Family Songbook" arrived at my home last week and I am thrilled! First, you have truly pulled together the most thorough and rich collection of the 'Little House' music ever; it is a landmark for researchers in both musicology and in the history of the 'Little House' books and author, Laura Ingalls Wilder. Personally, I am re-reading through your introductory narrative as I sit at the piano with my mountain dulcimer handy and flip to each song you reference. It's almost been like taking a class with you as the instructor, or, rather as a guide through all of the music and the Little House stories. What a treasure this is.

It was a pleasure to meet you at LauraPalooza last summer after 'talking' with you on emails and purchasing the three Pa's Fiddle Project CDs. Even though I'm not a performing musician I thoroughly appreciate having the sheet music to play and the CDs to listen to - over and over again. They have been perfect gifts to the schools and libraries where I do programs on Laura. I hope there will be only good things to come out of this labor of love for you. I "get it"!

Happy Trails!


Good for LHOTP collectors, June 18, 2008
By Lanita Harris

I've always been interested in the music in the Little House books, so this is a good addition to my collection. As a piano player, I can play the songs and know how they sounded when the characters sang them. The accompanying CD was out of stock when I ordered this book, but I've enjoyed the book without it.


This is wonderful!, August 24, 2007
By John Garrett (The Desert Southwest)

Dale Cockrell of Vanderbilt University has done the world of American Literature TWO very big favors...

First, he is in the process of gathering the music of Laura Ingalls Wilder into a series of CDs, to augment the wonderful stories.

And, because music IS an integral part of the Wilders' lives, it is only fitting that this should be done.

Second, he helped compile this book, full of sheet music, lyrics, and vignettes.

I've purchased five copies of the CD, and three of the books...they make most excellent gifts for those relatives of mine who love Laura Ingalls granddaughter was especially pleased to get the CD and book as a package.

I highly recommend this to anybody who loves Laura Ingalls Wilder.